A Few Words About Me

I appreciate the people I meet, the places I go, the hours I keep, and the spontaneity in every shoot.I appreciate the raw reality of everyday life, the fleeting beauty of those in-between moments, and I do my very best to take every picture with that in mind. I want my viewers to relate to my photographs through recognition of and familiarity with the situations, the emotions, and the energy so much that they wonder if they are looking at a picture of someone they know.

Why Choose Me

  • Unique Style


    I believe, photography should reflect the reality, as it is different from digital art nature. My personal style allows the spontaneity of the people to emerge and me to capture it. My in some way “journalistic” approach ensures that everything unfolds in the most natural way. I accept the raw reality of everyday life and I do my very best to take every picture with that in mind.

  • Quality of Service


    No matter if you need some business photographs to be done urgently or more easygoing family or fashion pictures you can be sure of getting desired quality ones and of high level of professionalism.

    My equipment consists of professional digital cameras, materials for the fine-art printing, lens and flash special tools for studio, outdoor and location shooting.

  • Experience


    I used to work with various newspapers, magazines, press agencies, Volley and Equestrian national federation, ran several workshops and taught at UPTER (Università Popolare di Roma).

    All gathered experiences helped me to create my own style which is trying to reflect the natural beauty and not to modify it.

  • Tailor-made Services


    Experience with each client is exceptional, therefore, I believe, not a mite less exclusive should be the services of the photographer. And it’s true for all types of shooting I do.

  • Book Design


    Would you like to have your special photo collection to be designed?
    I can prepare for you a classic photo book with the pictures either glued or pasted into it, or a modern one - with the pictures printed in its pages.

  • Hande-made Printing


    According to your wishes, I also do handmade printing of your pictures in black & white (from b/w film).