Portraits shooting

Business (CV, photos for corporate websites or business communication) or family portraits (incl. pregnancy pictures) shooting can be arranged

in chosen by the client locations. Let me know if you prefer outdoor or studio/office photo session.

Although it’s not possible to guarantee every day sunshine, summer is the perfect time to shoot outdoor portraits. There are long hours of daylight that allow to shoot from sunrise until sunset and it’s also warm enough for both photographer and model to spend a lot of time outside. In outdoor shooting the surrounding elements will also contribute to the final product. Besides, most people are just a bit happier in the summer and this helps photographer to get more natural, vivid portraits a little bit easier.

Studio photo session is nearly the opposite from location shooting, especially for portraits shooting. The studio presents some more challenging lighting situations, however, I create the necessary light using professional equipment in order to deliver the best portrait experience to my clients.

Pre-meeting will be arranged for this type of shooting to plan the session in general, as well as to discuss clothing and particular style. Group portraits can also be made (e.g. for family or friends).

The shooting will take approximately 1-2 hours for the price of 500 CHF

+ 10 photos 20x30 can be printed for and additional fee of CHF 50.

The price of 2 Fine Art is CHF 40.
Business portrait session takes ½ hour of shooting. 10 digital photos are ready in 2 days.
The prices for posters or photos with special processing of image will be determined.