• A portrait is a photograph, painting, sculpture, or other artistic representation of a person that usually only includes the person's head and shoulders. The face and its expression is predominant in portrait.
    Most of the portraits are done with the intention to just to show the likeness but also reflect personality and mood of a model. That is why, in photography a portrait is usually not a snapshot, but a composed image of a person in an immovable position. A person posing for the portrait is often looking directly at the painter or photographer, to produce the illusion of an eye contact with the viewer.


  • A wedding is a ceremony where two individuals are united in spousal. Wedding traditions noticeably differs between cultures, religions, and social classes.
    During most wedding ceremonies the couple exchanges wedding vows, presents a gift (offering, ring(s), symbolic item), and a public proclamation of marriage by an authority figure takes place. Special wedding clothing is usually worn. Music, poetry, readings from religious texts are often part of the solemn ceremony.




  • Advertising photography is used to sell and promote products. The promotional material is usually accompanied by text, but what draws the eye first? You’re right: the photograph of the product. The emphasis of the whole shoot is on the product and, therefore, the background is usually very plain as it’s of less importance. If the model should be placed on the picture, he or she won’t be very well lightened and will have very natural looking make-up.





  • Fashion photography is a genre of photography displaying clothing and other items of fashion industry. It is mostly conducted for advertisements or famous fashion magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, or Elle. With time, this genre has developed its peculiar aesthetics in which clothes are intensified by accessories or by presence of the model in exotic locations.





The story of my passion

Hello! Thanks for taking time to learn more about me and my creative work.
My name Is Luca Di Stefano.

Originally from Anzio, Italy, I lived for a short period in UK and I’ve recently moved in Switzerland. My adventure with photography had begun at the age 18. Years later, I started to pursue a more serious interest in photography which has finally turned into a profession in 2004.

My early work concentrated more on sport photography and in 2000 I was shooting for professional sport magazines and newspapers. At the meantime I experimented with portraits and fashion photography. My own unique style began to take shape and, eventually, I entirely opened myself to a passion which was for years very close to my heart.

Afterwards, I worked with various newspapers, magazines, press agencies, Volley and Equestrian national federation. I ran several workshops and taught at UPTER (Università Popolare di Roma).

Personal contact with my clients is priceless as it helps me to become familiar with their life styles, culture, interests and thus allows me to create a pleasant working atmosphere.

My passion to art of saving the fleeting beauty of those in-between moments have taken me across the globe to Europe, Africa and Asia and granted me with unforgettable experience in travel photography. I want viewers when looking at my photographs feel familiarity with the situations I had a chance to capture, sensate emotions and energy they evoke in such way, that they wonder, if they are looking at the picture of someone they know.

I told you my story and now I’m here for you to tell yours through my lens.
Please head over to the galleries to get a first impression of my works inspired by the pure passion to photographic art.